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Pineal Gland Cyst--just Developed Within Five Months

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All of you here who have pineal gland cysts, can you help me with some information, please? I've been all over the internet, and I've read soooooo many differing opinions on pineal gland cysts.

I had an MRI in Feb. of this year, no cyst. Had MRI a few days ago, 8mm cyst. Wondering if it could be causing my DI symptoms, as I'm experiencing extreme urination frequency (was just in hospital to check kidneys and do DI test twice. First showed DI, second showed not). I've read that DI, or at least urination frequency, can be linked to pineal cysts. Also experiencing more headaches last few months, migraine (haven't had one in years) last two days.

Also, I've contacted Cleveland Clinic's neuro oncology department, just for information, and they're interested in following up on this. Can they be a problem? Have any of you who have one of these found reputable information about them anywhere on the Internet?



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