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Worse Symptoms Than Usual Today...

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I've been doing ok, not great, just ok, since I started Midodrine. Heart rate has been 100-115 in the AM when I'm up and about (better than 135-150!) and 80s and 90s when sitting for the last few weeks overall. Obviously it goes up with lots of standing/exertion but still better than before.

Well today it was 135-140 getting ready and now it's around 100 sitting at work (no place to lie down). Usually a latte helps a bit, but that doesn't seem to be cutting it even.

The only 'change' is the humidity/heat is increasing. 80s weather didn't bother me too much as long as I wasn't in the sun for extended periods. But that's the only thing that's changed. I'm eating salt, drinking Gatorade, etc.

It's making me nervous to have a sudden spike in symptoms when things have been going ok. Any suggestions? I'm trying to stay cool, I'll try to drink more water/Gatorade...but do you just 'ride out' these heat waves? Since that's the ONLY change I've had this week I have a feeling it's playing a part...but am still worried/upset. It's tough when things are going well then you hit a downturn.


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Heat is a huge problem for me. If the temperature in our house goes up even just one degree, I can feel it. I get more tired and run down. It could very well be that your body is feeling the effects of the heat increasing.

Do what you can to stay cool and hydrated. Stay out of the sun if at all possible. Investing in a cooling vest or bandana could be a big help. I wear a cooling vest whenever I have to leave the house. It is still hard to go out in the heat, but the vest is a huge help. It makes the difference between being able to go to church or a movie on a hot day, and having to stay home.

I hope your symptoms improve, and that you can stay cool.


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Guest tearose

Yes, I ride these spells out. It seems very hard right now. Besides hydration I spray my compression hose with water. It really feels good. It may look weird but I don't care! I find a cold wet washcloth on my face and neck a small burst of relief too. Can you put your legs up on a box under your desk?

Hang in there, think wintry thoughts,


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