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Anaesthetic Management In Pots

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My sister w/ POTS and pregnant e-mailed this to me. I only skimmed it and it is not new but thought I would post.

Anaesthetic management of a parturient with the postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome: a case report

W. L. Corbett1, C. M. Reiter1, J. R. Schultz1, R. J. Kanter2 and A. S. Habib1,*

1 Department of Anaesthesiology, Box 3094, Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC 27710, USA

2 Department of Paediatric Cardiology, Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC 27710, USA


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Hi Katherine! I haven't be on for a while but thought I'd stop in, and this post caught my eye.

I can't believe that POTS patients are recommended to have a C-section. Blood loss and blood volume changes are horrible enough after a vaginal delivery. I would rather have the tachy episodes 10 times than have a C. I went through my second labor with POTS with absolutely no problems. Of course, the next day, like clockwork, the tachycardia returned, even though it had been absent since being about five months pregnant. The postpartum period is always the worst for me, and as you know, when the whole problem began when I was pregnant the first time.

Thanks for sharing.


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I agree. It doesn't make sense. I am sure I would have done better post-partum with a vaginal delivery -- if it had been possible. I think it is also the stress of surgery which is not good for POTS patients. In my case, the c-section was necessary to save my life--as you know...

This article seems to focus on managing tachycardia. I would like more explanation as to why that is so important that a c-section would be performed.

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as i am almost sure that aneasthesia has "helped" my pots flare up several times in the past, i am very interested in this article. do you think you could send me an email with this link (to difficult to explain right now due to brain fog, but it would really help me). if you can't manage that's alright of course, if you can thank you so much.

corina : )

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