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I have been diagnosed recently after fighting with several doctors over a year and finally I was told by this nurse from a online chat called daily support.org. Well unfortunately it was true about me having POTS and after a long stressful year with depression and other drama. I went thru this while pregnant and my symptoms worsened after. I have been prescibed Metoprolol and the Promantine but Im scared to take it because I have low blood pressure. Im very eager to know what everyone is doing naturally to help with these symptoms. Thanks alot for your help.

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Hey Hopeful!

With your low BP, you may be a great candidate for florinef. Do a search on this site for the best way to take it, with lots of salt & fluid, etc. My son's taken it for years with great results. My BP occasionally goes really low or months at a time and florinef is a wonder drug for me too. Welcome. Let us know how you're doing.




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Hi, and welcome to the forum! There are lots of helpful people here, with many different experiences. I'm sure you'll find support.

About your low blood pressure, that's something many of us experience. Midodrine (which is the generic name for ProAmantine, one of the drugs you mentioned) raises blood pressure, so you shouldn't have any problem from that angle. If your doctor prescribed it, it's probably worth a try.

I also really hate taking meds, but I was willing to try anything to get my health back. You gotta fight.

Natural stuff....try fluids, gatorade...there's a thread on fluid intake and electrolytes somewhere in here.

My doc recently told me that my memory might be helped by blueberries, almonds (bad for IBS, however), mushrooms, egg whites, and apple peels (just the peel).

But again, I would strongly recommend that you try the medication your doctor prescribed for you. Try them one at a time though, because if you take both at once, you never know which is giving what side effect in case there are problems.

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