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How Does Pots Affect Your Menstural Cycle?

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My cycles have not been regular since before I had my daughter over a year ago. I've had horrible cysts in the past few months which have also caused problems. My OB changed my birth control pill from YAS to Loestrin 24 last month. My cycle is now shorter but I feel like my POTS symptoms are even worse than they were about 6 months ago when I was really bad. I'm just wondering if the change in hormones could have anything to do with it...

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For me hormones do seem to affect it a lot. My cycles are very unregulated...sometimes they are 20 days apart other times they are 40....so its very hard to judge when I will get my period. Generally I feel the worst about 2 weeks before my period up until I have had my period for about 2 days. I think this has to do with which hormones are stronger at the time, and how they change throughout the "month".

It is normal to feel much worse before or when you have your period for POTS patients, however since you did just change BC it could have something to do with that.

Best of luck,


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