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Is Metoprolol The Same As...

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I know there are some people who take Metoprolol here, so I hope you can answer this question for me. I currently take 12.5 mg in the AM and PM. There is a period of time in the late afternoon, approx 10 hrs after I take my first dose, when I feel I need another half.

Instead of taking this pill 3 different times a day, and possibly at slightly different times every day, I was considering maybe switching to an extended release beta blocker. I noticed that there is a Metoprolol ER, but I'm seeing all different names for it and its confusing me. I currently take Metoprolol but my doc refers to it as "Lopressor." I also see things that say metoprolol=Toprol, and metoprolol ER=Toprol XL? So is what I take the same as just regular Toprol, except the generic? Sorry if this is confusing!

There is ONE thing I'm kind of weary about in taking the extended release...Well, I feel like regular metoprolol gets into my system quite fast which is JUST what I need in the AM (my worst time of day, besides the "crash" in the late afternoon!) But would the extended release take longer to act when I need to get up and go right away in the AM? If this was the case, I wonder if I could take 12.5 mg of metoprolol and the ER tab maybe 5 hrs later or something. Either way I'm gonna bring this up to my doctor, despite his lack of understanding of POTS, he still treats me for Inappropriate Sinus Tachy so he'll hopefully understand.

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Yes, Metoprolol is the generic name of the brand names Lopressor and Toprol.

As far as ER? Not sure... Talk with dr. Maybe try it and if you need more in the morning and since you are crashing later in the afternoon, maybe a higher dose would be helpul?

Hope that helps!

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I take metoprolol ER (the same as Toprol XL, or extended release) at night before I go to bed. That way, it's already in my system when I wake up in the morning and the extended-release keeps in the same rate for 24 hours so I don't experience a crash. The only time I sometimes notice it wearing off it at night when I'm due for another dose, but in the evening my symptoms are usually their mildest so it's not too hard to cope with - plus, if I'm in bed, the tachycardia's not much of an issue!

If you've had good luck with metoprolol so far you might want to try the extended release.


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Standard metoprolol is often a popular first-choice beta-blocker as it wears off quite quickly so if it makes you feel ill it will only be for a short time. It is also useful when adjusting to find the right dose. However most people want the convenience of a once-a-day med that doesn't wear off. Most slow-release meds actually stay in your system for longer than 24hrs but you need to top-up the dose daily. Unlike standard metoprolol the slow-release stuff shouldn't give you that horrid "uh-oh my beta-blocker has worn off" feeling of tachy and other symptoms suddenly returning.


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