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Heart/chest Symptoms

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Hi...yeah it's me asking away again ;) I'm working out a list of symptoms to bring to my doc's appt on Monday. But I have a question for everbody.

Are most of you like me and have an underlying discomfort feeling in your heart area most of the time, even when sitting or supine, or do most of you only notice your heart symptoms after standing up? The only way I can describe it is a nervous discomfort feeling that is always there, but varies somewhat throughout the day...worse when I'm anxious and turns most noticeable when standing up or when my hr is elevated. I notice a slightly different but similar feeling when my heart rate is near brady levels. I wonder if this is common for POTS or if this is mainly anxiety symptoms I have all the time. Could you please try the best you can to describe these types of feelings if you do feel something similar?

Thank you alot everyone,


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It is very common for POTS patients to feel as though they are having an anxiety attack, without actually having the normal symptoms other than the chest discomfort. It is the tight feeling you may be experiencing, but according to my doctor at Mayo, it is very normal.

I get chest pains quite frequently, and the position I am in doesn't matter. It happens laying down, sitting, and standing. So chest pains are a very normal part of my daily life. Mine will generally be more of a stabbing pain near the left side of my heart.

Hope you get some more relief soon, or feel more comforted knowing it is normal.


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I have a lot of different heart symptoms. When I'm standing, I get the racing, fluttering heart and a strong feeling of pressure or weight on my chest. When I'm sitting or lying down, I get bradycardia, an irregular heart beat, a sensation like my heart is flopping and lurching in my chest, pounding, and the same weight/intense pressure that I get when I stand. I frenquently feel "uncomfortable" in my chest but can't really describe it exactly - it's an odd, internal discomfort, not pain like a shooting pain, but definitely really not comfortable.

In my case, all of these symptoms were deemed abnormal but not harmful by my doctors.

Hope your appointment goes well!


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I get chest pain all the time. Seems worse upright. I"ve had a painfully thorough cardiac workup, as much sounded like a heart attack, but no garden-variety heart disease. I wish someone could explain the mechamism. If I catch the chest pain right when it starts and lie down, or put my head between my knees, I can sometimes get it settle down. If I ignore it, it becomes very hard to quiet down. But recently I've gotten it lying down too.

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Yes, I get that. I'm not sure it's from the tachy exactly, however. Sometimes I think it's oesophageal spasms...there was a time that it turned from "wierdish discomfort" into really sharp pain, progressively, and I went to a cardiologist suspecting my MVP was going from benign to regurgitating (which it wasn't, no change and incidental finding)...he sent me to a gastroenterologist who induced an oesophageal spasm...I was like, "Yeah, that's the pain exactly" and he prescribed an anti-spasm med, which worked beautifully! I was so relieved. The pain of an oesophageal spasm is described as "cardiac awareness" or "cardiac pain" because the oesophagus and heart are so close to each other. I didn't have any acid problems previous to this, by the way. I think it's another POTS dysfunction.

Other chest sensations: palpitations (this is usually brady for me, tachy for some as I've heard in this forum); shortness of breath (why? don't know); tightness.

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