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I was just wondering if anyone knows what the major difference is between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and POTS? I would've thought the tachycardia upon standing would've been the most prominent, but I was doing some research on CFS and this was listed as one of the symptoms occuring in 30-50% of CFS patients.

My research was sparked by an e-mail I received from the leader of our local support group, which contained the obituary of a woman who recently passed away from complications from CFIDS and NMH. I was curious to see why someone would deteriorate and pass away from having this disorder- any insight on that? It concerns me when I hear things like this, because everything is so uncertain sometimes. I am always afraid that instead of getting better I will just keep getting worse...sigh...I was doing well before my pregnancy and during, but it seems like ever since my son was born almost a year ago, I have been slowly getting more and more symptoms and there is no relief, even with the meds. I'm not sure what to do or think at this point, so I am doing a lot of research :)

In the past, my father has seen docs for symptoms of CFS, has never been formally diagnosed but he has good reason to believe he is a sufferer. Long before I ever came down with the life changing symptoms of POTS, I was told I may have CFS because I was going through weeks and months of unexplained mono-like symptoms and was put on Paxil for low BP. So I've been wondering why I was eventually diagnosed with POTS instead and really what the fine line is between the two. Any info or links would be appreciated :P

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My neuro dropped my CFS dx once I got the POTS and NMH. From what she said to me, POTS and NMH made for a better explanation of my symptoms than CFS. She did keep my fibromyalgia dx. I never asked for more info than above.

I don't have any friends who have progressive illness with CFS/CFIDS once the initial loss--that's not to say it can't happen. It may. I think there are probably many people who have true CFS/CFIDS...and then there are folks who get dumped in that category because their doctors have failed to figure out what's up, or it's an as yet unidentified ailment.

However, with autonomic problems, I have had one friend die as a result of his GI system's motility slowing down--and then completely stopped working (gastroparesis). I know one member of this board who very easily could have died if he'd not taken some serious steps to deal with gastroparesis.

As an added bit of info, I don't think I actually ever had fibromyalgia. I believe my pain and tenderness was a direct result of my spinal injuries sustained in a major vehicle accident when I was 10. Much of that pain disappeared after my surgeries to repair my spine.

Nina :P

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From the research that I have done on CFS. It states that 96% of CFS patients have dysautonomia of some type. Just do a search on "CFS and Dysautonomia".

With CFS you can have problems with your CNS and the hallmark of the disease is post exertional fatique that takes more than 24 hours to recover. Here is the diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS published Feb 2003


I hope this somewhat answers your questions.


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