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I Was Asked, Are You A Nurse?

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Many of you know that my husband has been in and out of the hospital now for 3 months with mulitple issues (PE's, DVT's, Gallbladder Surgery, and most recently lots of blood in his stool). Well on Sunday is when he had the blood so we went to the ER once again because when you are on coumadin you have to watch for bleeding however with the amount of blood he had we would have gone anyway. Well for the first time they took his bp orthostatically. He was like "what are they doing"? The nurse was in the room and heard me explaining it all to him and how your bp can be lower when lying down, etc etc and she asked me, "You must be a nurse". I said no I just have NCS. She said, "Oh, you earned your degree the hard way".

The good news is that the bleeding was just a small ruptured blood vessel and he is home and doing well again. We hope that is the last we see of a hospital for a looooooooooooooooong time. But we are still counting our blessings.


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Interesting story! I too really liked her comment- it made it sound like she really understood and cared! Nice change for once! :P

I always say things like syncope etc. at appmts and they look at me strange and ask are you a nurse or med student? I am a student of allied health, but this always cracked me up to see the look on their faces. I cracked their secret language! :P

Anyways... Hope your husband is doing better and things are calmer for the both of you!

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