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Hands Swell Up

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I try to go for a walk in the evening hours whenever my body allows me to. Sometimes i feel ok after it and other times it makes me real sick. But i try very hard to stick with it because i believe that i do get some benfits from it in the end.

Today i noticed (like so many times before), that after a while my hands seem to blow up. My venes come out and my hands look swollen and I can feel pressure in them. I thought, that it might be the gravitation ( standing upright and the arms dangling down) I just realized today, that this is a thing i have noticed so many times in the past before but never paid that much attention to it . It just always seemed to be there. Now i wonder if this is also a POTS thing. I would be very interested if anybody else gets that.

Thanks and a nice weekend to all of you


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Yes, I know what you mean. I thought it was blood pooling in the arms in the same way that it happens in our legs. My hands go purple and take on that mottled or blotchy appearance (I hope one of these words translates OK!) before my legs do the same. In fact, I use my hands as an indicator of how far progressed I am in a POTS episode!

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This happens to me, as well. My fingers start to look like puffy little sausages and even turn white when I try to extend the swollen fingers. They get uncomfortable, too. I just put them in the air like most everyone else and wait for them to "go down."

Pumping the arms while walking sounds like a good idea.


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