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Adenosine Thallium Stress Test Update


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So to follow up on the long saga of why I get chest pain with exertion, I just had an adenosine thallium stress test. No real results yet, as I guess the images have to be read.

Of course I was having a terrible morning, preceded by a terrible night with stnading and sitting bp drops, and just feeling miserable--(period around the corner). I could barely make it down the hall to the bathroom without chest squeezing.

I guess it's good that I had the test on an awful day?

I had hoped they would let me see if I could exercise first-- but with my joints, and the fact that they didn;t think I could get my hr up high enough, we went straight to the adenosine. I pleaded, but it was not to be.

Not fun. I feared it would be worse, having seen other posts. I didn't pass out, as I was lying down, and my bp was apparently stable during. My heart rate did increase more than usual-- apparently it doesn't always or usually for "normals." this test is just supposed to massively dilate everything which for some people doesn't change hr???

I felt sick and gross-- some chest discomfort and pain in my left arm, I felt hot, my legs felt heavy, my neck and roof of my mouth felt tight. But the doc warned me that I might feel those things and still be declared okay. Apparently healthy people can have chest pain and arm pain with adenosine. Certainly not a test I'd sign up for to amuse myself. I don't think there were any abnormalities on the ekg during the test. So we're waiting to see how the pre and post adenosine images turn out.

I really hope it's normal. Not that that will be the end of testing, I fear. I guess we're just trying to determine whether all my symptoms are autonomic. Not sure the cardiologist at the test knew about ans stuff-- but I guess he can just read any abnormalities.

After the test, the symptoms do wear off fast. But then I had my own yuckiness still there. Every time I sat up, I wanted to throw up or fall down. The nurse could barely detect my bp. But I think that's just me-- not necessarily the adenosine.

I wonder what would have happened/been different if I'd exercised, or if I'd done the adenosine test upright--whether my heart would have perfused differently. If I had the resources, I'd love to see how different heart tests yield different results if you compare supine, sitting, and standing.

If my heart is declared healthy, maybe I then just have to do all my exercise lying down!

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I had tried to post a message about the thallium stress test but had problems logging in.

I wanted to alert you to the horrible way that you would feel while having the test. I thought I was going to die. The nurse practictioners kept talking to me and asking me questions so that I would "stay with them" during the test.

I, too, felt yukky after the test.

My test was normal. I hope you get good news from yours.

BTW, now that I think about it, I was sitting up during the test.


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I am bummed to report that my test showed abnormalities-- "mild adenosine induced ischemia." I don't know what all the different causes of this are, but I think this means I'm definitely getting a catheterization. The cardio is contacting the top guy at Northwestern in interventional cardiology for me to meet with him, and probably schedule the test. And then we have to work around my allergies and eds. So I don't know what portion of my symptoms are cardiac and which are autonomic. I do know I regularly get chest pain, shortness of breath, and lightheaded. Some of it is positional. I', kind of upset, freaked out. If it has to be done, I'd like to just get it over with.


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Sorry that the test showed things you really didn't want... hopefully they'll be able to get you all straightened out soon!


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Sorry it looks like your getting a cath done - I had one done in May and while its definately not something I would sign up for just for kicks, it wasn totally horrible. They did mine while I was awake, just froze the area around my vein/artery in my thigh. It was unpleasant but certainly not too painful.

Good luck, hope they can get you in quickly.

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With some pushing and pulling, I now have an appointment on Friday with the top interventional cardiologist at Northwestern to talk about catheterization. I think it's just a regular appointment, not the procedure. But if it's a go, I just want to get it over with.

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