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Strattera Etc... Questions


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Hi all!

I have not been on much recently due to trying to figure everything out and dealing with all the changes that all of this fun has brought forth! :P

Sorry if I haven't responded to anyone who may have asked me a question etc. I will try to get to it... sometime soon.

I hope everyone is doing okay, and having great fun with all of this heat! :P:blink:

To my questions...

Anyone tried Strattera for ADHD?

Also, is it right to summarize the thoughts of many who have tried Effexor or trazadone, that "we" tend to not tolerate them well and they are not great meds to try?

I know some have tried Wellbutrin right? Has anyone had bad experiences with this? For me I would use it for ADHD, so I am interested if anyone has used this for ADHD with any success?

Thanks!!! :)

I hope to post more later! B)

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