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Has Anyone Tried The Feingold Diet For Chemical Sensitivity?


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I was researching information for ADHD for my son and the Feingold Diet was suggested to me. Essentially, it's the elimination of lots of chemicals (including aspirin-like chemicals) and dyes in food. As I was reading about it for my son, it seemed perfect for all of his symptoms, which is more than the ADHD-type symptoms. And then I realized something - if *I* am super sensitive to chemicals, then it makes sense that my son could be too (which is why I am planning to try this diet for him). So then I got to thinking, if it could help clear up some of my son's symptoms, could it possibly help me too?

Maybe I've been ingesting all of these bad things all of my life and I'm more sensitive than the average person to this stuff. Maybe eliminating all of it from my diet could help alleviate some of my daily aggrevations, or at a minimum keep me from getting worse.

So I'm considering it... but also wondering if anyone else has heard of it or tried it. There are lots of websites out there that give basic info about what to eliminate (just google Feingold Diet), but it looks like to be serious about it you would want to join the Feingold Association ($) and get their materials.

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I'm not familiar with that diet but it only makes sense if you're sensitive to chemicals to avoid them. I have MCS & it seems I'm allergic to everything. I try to avoid all chemicals altho it is impossible when you're out in public to avoid perfume & pesticides because they are everywhere. Schools are the worse place for pesticides & chemicals. My GD has asthma & everytime the teachers insist the children clean their hands with the antibacterial cleaner she has an asthma attack.

From experience, IMHO the best thing you can do for a child is feed them organic foods, don't spray your home with pesticides or use herbicides, use unscented laundry det, no perfumes or scented soaps. Your home is the only place you can control the environment.

There have been studies done that show that ADHD is controlled by getting the child's allergic under control. It's not easy but worth it. Have you read Dr Sherry Rogers books? Dr. William Rea also has books on chemical sensitivity. I'm not sure of the name but I believe it is Doris Rapp has a book about children & allergies. There are others but I can't think of the names at the moment. Good luck!

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