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Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Hi Everyone,

I just have a question here. I get a lot of short term memory loss and i'm concerned when it come to taking my meds.

I'm not so worried if I double up on my propranolol because it isn't really a big deal. But I am concerned about SYNTHROID as I have enough problems with a hyper sympathetic nervous system.

Today I don't remember if I took my synthroid so I took one. Then I thought--maybe I did take it - . I just hate that. My husband gets so mad at me. He tells me to get one of those pill things--M T W T F SA SU things. With POTS it's easy to get yourself worked up---and you can imagine yourself into a problem. Our hyper adrengic problems can mimic hyper-thyroid from too much synthroid.

The Doc in New York---Dr. Bolognese said my sympathetic nervous is really irrated because of my unstable neck. My cervical/cranial instability is causing some friction on my brain stem---further pushing the issue.

My HR has been in the 90s on and off lately---and I don't know if it's from exaustion or waht. So naturally i'm concerned about taking too much synthroid. I normally take .075----doubled it would be 150.

I've been running kind of ragged lately helping my sister in law get ready for my nieces bridal shower. I haven't really been able to get myself together since my visit to New York to see Dr. Bolognese. I just think I need to slow down a little. And I should get one of those pill things. I always remember when I take my Wellbutrin because it is hard to swallow---so not really a worry there. That's all the meds I take. I've been given other's that I eaither had a bad reaction too---or just never took them.

What do you think a double dose of Synthroid would do to me?

This is getting too long----i'll let you all go.

Julie :0)

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I take Synthroid too and it takes many weeks to make a difference with increase. I wouldn't worry too much about possibly taking a double dosage.

However you should think about getting a pill caddy as it really does work. I too went through a period of time where I couldn't remember if I had taken my meds or not, ok confession, even today I couldn't remember by my sun - sat pill box told me :)


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Hi, Julia. Just want to second what Steph said. Synthroid has a very long half life and is very ' forgiving' of isolated missed or doubled doses. I remember reading somewhere that for some non-compliant patients, a single, large dose of thyroid hormone replacement can be given on a weekly basis. Frankly, having been slightly overmedicated for thyroid before, I wouldn't want to chance this sort of treatment! But, apparently, it is used safely and effectively.

That said, it is certainly best to be very consistent about dosing, as even minor fluctuations in thyroid hormone status can impact how we feel. I happen to believe that people with POTS or other autonomic disturbances (particularly the hyperadrenergic variety) are probably more sensitive to these fluctuations than others. I know my heart rate is extra sensative to exercise and very 'hair trigger' when my thyroid hormone levels (T4 and T3) are in the high end of the normal range.

Good luck to you!

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I have a pill caddy; not only for my daily pills but I also put in a maximum daily dosage of my pain meds as well, that way I know if I hit the max dosage and won't overdo it. I always take what is left of the PRN meds and put them in the next week's caddy. But it eases my mind when I can look and see if I have taken the daily dosage of my regular meds.

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