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High Blood Sodium And Pots


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Hi guys,

Can I ask your advice on a matter please!? One of my kids has had problems with weeing way too much Dr. thought it might be Diabituse Incipidus, my son had a water deprevation test but Dr. said it was not conclusive, and Dr. is not happy with my sons blood sodium levels and sons inability to consintrat his urine as well as he should, hence he will send his results to an endocrinologist (sp?) for some advice, but in the mean time he wants my son to reduce his sodium intake, the problem we have is that my son also has POTS and has been adviced by other Dr. to up his salt intake to reduce low BP and HR increace. Anyway I have cut back on sons salt at the moment thus he is having a few more dizzy spells, but not doing too bad. The thing is how do I get my sons BP up if I need to keep his sodium down?


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