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Temperature Control

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My daughter has been dealing with an elevated temperature for about a week now. It gets up to about 101 degrees. She isn't sick. We are wondering if this is a POTS thing? Seems reasonable that if she has no automate control over blood pressure and heart rate it could extend to whatever controls body temperature?I called the cardiologist and spoke to his assistant yesterday. He has no idea about this but he did say that the daily falling down doesn't sound POTS related if she isn't blacking out with it? We see the cardiologist again Tuesday. Can anyone tell me what tests we would need to ask for to rule out ED.


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Ah, I tend to shorten Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome to EDS. The only medical abbreviation I could find for ED was erectile dysfunction which wasn't really appropriate!!

Got to dash right now but I'll try to post more about Ehlers-Danlos diagnosis later.


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Hi Randi,

My daughter also get huge temperature variations. She can go from 91 to 103 in a very short time. Dr. Grubb told us that the temperature issue is less common than the other issue with POTS. Her autonomic nervous system is affected more than just blood pressure drops. Her main issue are the passing out, digestive problems and temperature control.

We were pleased when we finally understood what was going on. Doctors looked for infections when her temperature issues started.

Good luck to your daugher.


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