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Great News

Mary P

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Just as I was sending my last post to my own topic on ' finding othere who live in Canada", an e-mail message came through and it was just about this. Margaret and Laura, there are a few people close to me whom I'll contact, but I' still look forward to asking quetions of you. Thanks again.

Perhaps there are more of you who will find the 'Meet Others' program to be of benefit. I'm excited to know I can write directly to someone in the Toronto area others know what up with us Dysautonomic survivors, perhaps know a good doctor, etc. My spirits suddenly feel so lifted by this wonderful news.


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hi mary,

i am glad the meet others program works for you! actually, today i?ve found someone living very close to me as well. where i once was told i would probably be the only one in my country, the meet others program gave me another two people AND a mother (of a 19 year old daughter with dysautonomia) who called me last year, after finding my name in the list.

Next to all the information this site has given me AND some very special friendships i am sure that it will be fun to write (or talk) with people in my own language.

i hope the met others program is of comfort to others as well!

take care,

corina :)

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