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Is Anybody In Here From Europe Or Germany?

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Hello everybody!

This site has been such a great help for me! In fact, it helped me to get finally diagnosed about 10 month ago! After years of bad suffering and doctors telling me that they don't know whats wrong with me, i found this wonderfull website and a POTS Doctor in Germany. He did a TTT and my HR went up from 80 to 150 in 10 sec. For the first time in over 10 years sommebody knew what was wrong with me and understood my suffering.

Iam so glad that this place exists.

Sometimes Iam wondering if iam the only member from Germany or Europe in here?

If there are any more, i would really be interested in what doctors you see, or were you got diagnosed?

Thanks a lot for your time and effort


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hi fellow european!

welcome around and no, you?re not the only one. there are several people around from the uk, i am from the netherlands (so we are neighbours :) ) and there is someone from spain and i think there are some more, but i can't remember them right now.

i am glad that you've found a good doctor and that you're diagnosed. it doesn't cure you, but it helps to knwo what there is wrong with you and maybe start treatment.

take care,

corina :)

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Thank you for writing back.

My mother is german but my father is spanish, i have got a spanish and a german passport. But i do live in Germany!

I also have many relatives in the uk.

due to my former marriage!

My family is a very international one as you can see!And i can relate to all of you because i have been to the uk and to spain so many many times.

Tessa, i would be very interested in knowing if you have a good doctor and if pots is well known in spain! Because nobody of my relatives (and i have got some in the medical field in madrid) have heard of it.

Thank you all for posting!


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