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Last Week And A Half Has Been Rough

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I just have to vent. I feel like no one understands me... ugh.. I was doing ok (not wonderful, but was able to be up for more than a couple hours without feeling like crap)... then my husband and I had a garage sale last weekend, totally wore myself out, and got Bronchitus and I think now strep throat.. I'm on an antibiotic but it doesn't seem to be helping.. I can't get my fever down either...

the last time I got this sick was back in October when we drove to the Mayo clinic and I didn't recover until after the new year... i'm so worried that this is going to be the same way...

anyway, sorry to be so negative, but it just stinks to get a LITTLE relief then feel like you've stepped back a whole MILE....

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I completely understand. I have often told family members that the "ups and downs" are the worst part of this disorder. It's so frustrating to be headed uphill and then run face first into a wall, only to tumble all the way back down the hill. I hope this is only a few steps back for you and that you will be headed uphill again very soon.

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i agree, some days i feel ok and think i have enough strength to do things but am worn out for days afterwards, in my opinion its the worst part of POTs - getting yourself excited that you are feeling better then step back a mile - it certainly does trample on your confidence. i find that a cuddle from my friends and family and a few chocolate chip cookies helps, as nothing else seems to!! also when i get a fever of some sort, it always makes my POTs worse.

Hope you are feeling better soon and keep your chin up!!



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