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Low Calcium And High Phosphorous

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My serum phosphorus level has been low several times since I became ill with Dysautonomia/POTS 14 years ago . It's never been high. As far as I know, my serum calcium has been in the normal range, but it hasn't been checked for a couple of years. I just found out this month that my Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy is low (only 12.4 ng/mL). I also have low Vitamin B12, and my potassium is often low.

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It could be your age. You are busy still growing. Perhaps Drguest will pop in here and answer that. If not, you could ask your

family Dr.

Calcium and Phosphorous are both related to bone growth and I've seen soda blamed on Low Calcium And High Phosphorous

levels in teens.

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Interesting, I am not sure. I would think it maybe due to diet and possibly gastroparesis? I would think age also could have something to do with it? Also, maybe a side effect of your meds? If they are more than mildly off then maybe try to discuss them with your dr. at your next appointment and maybe they will have some idea what would cause it in your case.

I hope you can find some answers! :P

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