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Has Anyone Ever Had Henoch-schoenlein Purpura (hsp)?


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I had this when I was a child. I began being Potsy at around age 8. I am just wondering if this could have been my trigger. It is a blood vessel condition. I have been reading that many of people have developed POTS after an illness or injury. I plan on getting my childhood records and see if there was anything in my charts stating that I had these symptoms before I had that condition. I am certain i was aorund 8 when my POTS began, but it could have been earlier. I got HSP the summer I turned 6.

Here is a link to a description of HSP


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I have never heard of it, but I hope you find some answers looking at your childhood charts. I've given up on figuring out my "trigger." It wastes energy I don't have and I figure I might as well just take care of myself in the state I'm in now.


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