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Low Blood Pressure And Tachycardia While Laying Down

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Do any of you have this problem too? My blood pressure drops when I'm laying down and the lower it goes, the more my heart rate increases.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Sometimes my kids BP drops while they are lying down too, but they also go bradycardic, and tachy. I know this may sound really odd, but we found that if we get my kids to, well lay so their legs and bottom are raised well above their heart, basiclly like on an invertion table (I think thats whats it's called!) we can mostly get their BP and HR to a more 'normal' range.

My kids specialist nurse told us that it was odd that we did this as this is one of the moves that parents of kids with a conductive heart disorder are shown how to do as it sort of reboots the pace maker cells. I am not saying you should try standing on your head or anything like that. It is just something that works for my kids, some of the time.

Hope you get sorted out soon, take care.


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I know my BP goes way low when I am sleeping. I have been hospitalized and nurses always wake me to get me moving around to increase my bp so they can get a reading. My mom took my bp once when I was laying down watching a movie (she is a home health care aid, and we were talking about BP's, and she wanted to see what mine was) 54/36. She took it three times and was freaking out on me. She had never known a BP to be so low. She wanted to call an ambulance. This was a few years ago. I am not sure what my heart rate is though, but many times I get waves of pots feeling wash over me when I am laying down and sleeping. I kinda feel like I have to ride them out like a wave. I have never done drugs before, and I told my sister once I bet the feelings I feel is similar to being high. That ride the wave feeling people talk about. I could be totally wrong. Vices were always a fear of mine. I don't even drink coffee. My mom and dad showed me with their smoking and coffee drinking habbits that things people get hooked on never do enjoyable things to your body.

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This does happen to me sometimes, and I find that propping my legs up helps quite a bit, even though POTS patients are supposed to raise the head of their beds, typically. Sometimes I do homework lying on the ground with my legs up against the wall. (helps with concentration, too. more blood to the brain.)


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