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For New Members Who Can't Post Or Start Topics

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There are typically two possible reasons why you cannot view the forums in the private areas.

You are unable to view the forum because 1) you're not a registered user or 2) because you're not logged in. We recently changed our settings so that only registered, logged in users can view the forum content, which used to be public to read, but private to post. Now both are private.

There are three steps to registering.
2. Reply to the automated email that the forum sends you to verify your email address
3. Write me an email at dinetforums(at)gmail(dot)com from the address you used to register, stating your login name, and your diagnosis or suspected diagnosis or state if you're a care giver or a medical professional.

We apologize for the extra steps but we've had security issues with spammers posting inappropriate content in the forum via computer programs, and these three steps ensure an actual human is registering rather than a webbot.

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