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High Sodium Diet


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I've been asked by a few for the High Sodium Diet that my Dr. (Dr. Amer Suleman) started me on, so here it is: :)

High Sodium Diet

The daily intake of sodium originates from 3 sources:

Food and drinks.

Salt used in cooking.

Salt added at the table.

In general, natural foods contain relatively little sodium, and foods of animal origin usually contain more sodium than fruits, vegetables, and rice. The processed and preserved foods have the highest amounts of sodium.

To increase the sodium intake, large amounts of salt may be added in the cooking, either as sodium chloride (salt) or as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda/powder).

Common Sources of sodium:

Table salt is sodium chloride. It?s 40% sodium by weight. When you buy prepared and packaged foods, read the labels. Look for words ?soda? (referred to as sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda) and ?sodium? and the symbol ?Na?. These products contain sodium compounds. Avoid low sodium foods. The following foods are high in sodium and should be used frequently:

Canned foods (vegetables, meat, pasta meals)

Processed foods (meats such as bologna, pepperoni, salami, hot dogs, sausage)


Dried pasta and rice mixes, frozen dinners

Soups (canned and dried), dips, sauces, salad dressings.

Snack foods (chips, popcorn, pretzels, cheese puffs, salted nuts, etc.)

Tips to increase sodium in your diet:

Salt should be used wherever appropriate, in cooking, e.g., boiled vegetables, boiled rice.

Salt should be added to meals at the table, according to taste, and without making food unpalatable.

Try to choose a helping of any of the following salty foods, AT EACH MEAL AND SNACK:

-bacon, ham, tongue, corned beef and any other canned meat, sausages, kippers, smoked fish, canned fish- e.g., sardines, pilchards, salmon, etc., cheese, shellfish, canned vegetables- e.g. baked beans

Choose salted foods instead of regular whenever possible, such as salted butter, salted nuts, etc.

Milk- aim to take 1 pint or more daily

Canned soups- choose a ?starter? whenever possible

Remember to take plenty of fluids with gradual increase in high sodium foods.

High Sodium Food List

Make these foods always available and part of your meals and snacks. The goal is to take about 10,000 to 12,000 mgs of sodium per day. Take plenty of fluids with these foods.

Foods (per serving) Sodium content in mg

Bacon, cooked 1021

Bacon, Canadian 2500

Baking Powder 11000

Beans, canned with pork and tomato sauce


Beef, corned 1740

Beef hash, canned 540

Beef, dried 4300

Biscuits 630

Bouillon cubes 24000

Bread 300 to 500

Butter, salted 826

Cereals, commercial 700 to 1100

Cereal, rice flakes 987

Cereal, wheat flakes 1000

Cheese, cheddar 620

Cheese, processed 1189

Cheese, cottage 406

Cheese, cream 296

Cheese, mozzarella 373

Cheese, parmesan 1862

Cheese, swiss 260

Chili con carne, canned with beans


Chili powder with seasonings


Cocoa processed 717

Cookies, plain 365

Crab meat, canned 1000

Crackers, graham 670

Crackers, saltine 1100

Donuts 500

Lasagna 490

Macaroni with cheese 543

Margarine 987

Milk, dried 549

Muffins, plain 441

Mushrooms, canned 400

Mustard, prepared yellow 1252

Olives, green 2400

Pancakes 425

Peanuts, roasted and salted 418

Peanut butter 607

Pickles, dill 1428

Pickles, relish, sweet 712

Pie 250 to 450

Pie crust, baked 617

Pizza, cheese 702

Popcorn, salted with oil Up to 1940

Pork, cured ham 930

Pork, canned ham 1100

Potato chips, Up to 1000

Pretzels 1680

Rolls, bread or sweet 400 to 550

Rye wafers 882

Salad dressing 700 to 1300

Sardines, canned 400

Sauerkraut 747

Sausage, pork 958

Sausage, frankfurter 1100

Sausage, bologna 1300

Soup, canned 350 to 950

Spaghetti with meatballs, canned 488

Tomato ketchup 1042

Tomato juice, canned 827

Tuna in oil 800

Waffles 475

Wheat germ 200

1 tsp Salt = 2400 mg sodium

1 tsp baking soda = 1000 mg sodium

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Thank you for this. I am such a salt freak. Actually I told my husband today that his mom wants me to give her cooking lessons. He said you are a really good cook. Except when you over salt things. I actually have quite a variety of salts I use. I just love salt. I use so much of it. I just have to be careful not to overdose my family with it. Ha Ha

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Sarct, I have to be careful how much salt I put in a dish I'm serving to the rest of my family, too. My dad needs a higher-than-normal sodium intake so he probably wouldn't notice, but the others would certainly be gagging from "salt poisoning" if I forgot! ;-)

Thanks for the post, Joe!


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Hi Joe,

Thanks a million for this list. I've had no guidline and my GP didn't know what amount of sodiun I should be getting each day, so this list will be most helpful to me. The only salt I got for years would have been from natural foods and I never had pop, snack foods, etc. It has been a challenge to get used to adding salt when cooking or at the table.

Have a great weekend.

Mary P

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I hope you don't take offense to my comment, but I can't help but think that aspects of this diet don't seem very healthy. Processed foods, hot dogs, bologna, chips...I don't know about anyone else, but when I eat these heavy and unhealthy foods my symptoms actually seem to get worse despite the increased salt intake.

I don't understand why people on this high sodium diet don't just drink sea salt water every so often instead of loading their bodies with food that slows the body down and doesn't help it perform to its highest capability. I recommend sea salt over regular table salt because sea salt is natural and has other notable health benefits. I'm considering sea salt as well.

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I too think it is important to try to eat healthy, but I also know that I can only afford certain foods, and rarely have the time and energy to cook etc. real healthy. Also, for me healthy foods does not necessarily mean that they sit well with me. I can not tolerate to many vegetables without getting sick, because they are hard to digest. I do not like meat, but try to eat some and soy etc. for protein. I try and limit carbs and more whole grains, but whole grains also do not sit well. I am also somewhat lactose intolerant, so dairy has to be kept to a minimum. Also, the acidity of most fruits makes fruit hard to eat as well. So, I have yet to really find a good way to eat things that do not make me feel poorly and healthy on a consistant basis. I am still trying to figure this all out. :huh:

For the salt water, not only is the taste likely not attractive to many, I know it would tear up my stomach to have straight salt water. So it is easier to digest and absorb with food.

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This does list a bunch of foods that may not be the healthiest. However, you can get lots of sodium by eating healthier things on the list. I eat Canadian Bacon for breakfast just about every day. 4 slices have 60 calories, very little fat, but about 1000 mg of sodium. I eat lots of pretzels and things like pickles and peppers. I love yellow peppers and they have gobs of sodium. Canned soups are good for lots of sodium, and there are numerous healthy varieties of those. Chinese food has lots of healthy alternatives that are loaded with Sodium. On top of that I salt everything.

So, High Sodium, doesn't have to mean bad nutrition.

Have a great weekend!!

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I"m a fan of salsa. You can get "natural" varieties, and then either eat it straight, or put it on bread. Or sometimes, I'll cook veggies-- these days my favorite is, zuccini, boiled in a little water, with olive oil and LOTS of salt. Home made onion soup is good too. I can't do canned broth, because most have msg, but I first sautee onions till they're really brown, and then add water, cook, till the onions give the water flavor, and then lots of salt. You can then put some toast , and a little cheese on top. I find it's really hard to put too much salt in soup!

(don't get the idea I do much cooking--as that would be false!!!)

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