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    Compass Points the Way by Alexis Kline is the story of a young life interrupted, as told by a young woman living with POTS. The book gets to the heart of many shared experiences that people go through when a healthy life shifts to a life with chronic illness. This is a worthwhile read for patients and caregivers of any age learning to live with a chronic illness. Read a preview of the book on Amazon bit.ly/3LBK9q3

Featured Member: Kelsey Boncato - Lyrics "Ain't Over"


read the Featured Member story of Kelsey Boncato  Watch the video, hear the musicaintover_edit_crop.gif.180d3c51bf97cd0adddf73068a2a8b6d.gif

"Ain't Over" , performed by Idesia, lyrics by Daniel Oldham

Those quiet tries, they mean something
Those tired eyes, they're worth something
And those grey skies, not fooled by no false pride, sweet lies
Always on our feet while we're still breathing
Ain't gonna retreat, this fight is freein’
Looking for belief are you?
That dream I told ya, ain't ever over
This world don't own us,
This dream ain’t over

Those hollow sighs, they help somehow
Those absent cries, they're heard somewhere
And those high times love ‘em
Lost as soon as they're found, lost as soon as they’re found,
No blind circumstance or lucky break
This life we'll make, no one can take
That dream I told ya, ain't ever over
This world don't own us,
This dream ain’t over


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