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POTS Myths


As with many disorders that have received little research, there are numerous false assumptions made about POTS. Many of these assumptions stem from the lack of information available about this disorder. This page was created in hopes of clarifying some of these false assumptions. Suggestions for this page can be sent to: Dysautonomia Information Network

Myth: POTS symptoms only occur while standing.

Many patients report symptoms occurring while sitting or lying down. Standing does exacerbate symptoms.

Myth: Everyone with POTS faints.

Many people with POTS have never fainted.

Myth: POTS symptoms are present at all times.

The symptoms of POTS can vary greatly from day to day and hour to hour.  

Myth: Most doctors will be competent in treating POTS patients.

Some doctors have never even heard of POTS. It is essential to one's well being to seek out a specialist.

Myth: People get POTS because they are lazy and deconditioned.

People can get POTS symptoms due to prolonged bed rest, however the symptoms should diminish as the person becomes more active. The origins of chronic orthostatic intolerance are certainly distinct from laziness or deconditioning.

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