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  1. Thank you for all the replies, I haven't tried anything to try and remedy this I try every other week to drive just around to my local milk bar which is about 3 to 4 minutes and my vision is horrible. It gets blurry and then I start to blink a lot and my heart rate goes up and then I get short of breath and dizziness. I am fine as a passenger but as soon as I have to visually look around to drive it kicks in and I can't even drive my son to school or anywhere I am so concerned that I will have an accident. I am scared generally now of just being alone with him incase something happens
  2. Hi to all of you lovely people, i am struggling at the moment with dizziness even though my blood pressure is not dropping a lot when I am upright and driving is unbearable at the moment. I feel really dizzy driving but when I am a passenger I am ok to be in a car. My vision goes blurring when going from looking long distance to short distance like checking my speed. Has anyone else experienced similar to this and has anything helped? I am losing my life at the moment I can't drive I can't go to the shops unless I'm in a wheelchair because I feel that dizzy and I haven't been back to work I'm going to lose to my job, I can't even give my 10 year old a normal life at the moment
  3. Thanks Kalamazoo your replies always get me thinking and researching 😊
  4. Hi everyone! It might be a silly thing to ask but ever since I have been unwell which is about 6 months now I have noticed my veins are getting more and more prominent! You could always see some of them in my arms but now they are visible everywhere? Is this normal!? Does anyone else have this?
  5. Thanks for the input everyone! my specialist said that the sudafed is a Vaso constrictor too so since I reacted to the midodrine so badly we will try the sudafed to help with that until I get this next drug for me to try which is in the approval stage. It makes me more alert but that's about it but I'm still upping my dosage at this point. I ended up in ER on a couple of bags of fluid as my adrenaline rush I had left me with a headache for four days and really dizzy so home now and back on the sudafed today! Dizzy girls that midodrine made me so angry at everyone and I was irritated by anything and anyone is was horrible I was not myself either.
  6. Hi Debbie Rose, our zucchini pancakes are pretty easy just use whatever basic pancake recipe you like using or we even use the premade packets when I'm feeling really yuck and then add one medium grated zucchini, one cup of grated cheese whichever cheese you prefer, pinch of salt well lets be honest extra salt because we have too and pepper stir all together and cook exactly the same as pancakes they are delish!
  7. When I have what I'm only guessing is an adrenaline rush I haven't been diagnosed as to that is what's happening but my legs shake and seize up like rocks my heart rate jumps to 100+ laying down and I get this thump in my chest then it feels like my heart is gone and not there until I feel the next beat. I haven't had any levels checked to do with adrenaline. I just lay down and my body shakes for about 10 minutes until it subsides. I haven't had these skipped beats before so I freaked out a little and stopped checking my pulse manually as I have a Fitbit hr so I kept an eye on it with that. When I have used my bp machine it has showed an irregular heartbeat on occasion but I thought maybe I had moved or something so I hadn't taken notice of it.
  8. Thanks for the feedback I am just tired of it all, I will try and contact my specialist by phone but I don't like too I feel like I am an annoyance to him. I might ring tomorrow today is not a good day I have had a headache since yesterday and very dizzy so another couch day for me by the looks of it!
  9. Hi all! last night I experienced what I call an adrenaline rush no doctor has bothered to test me for anything though. My heart races, my legs start shaking then my whole body shakes and then my legs freeze up and I can't walk properly, I went to lay down as I do when this happens and I checked my pulse and my heart starting skipping every second beat! This scared me so badly I hardly slept all night and kept my oxygen and hr monitor on my finger all night incase I stopped breathing it could make noise to alert my partner. Now I am scared, my chest feels like it's buzzing and I don't know what to do? I went to my gp and he suggested a holter monitor but at my own expense and at this stage I have no money as I haven't been working because of this stupid illness. Anyone else's experiences with this would be greatly appreciated I don't know if I should go to ER again but they will probably just send me home
  10. I love my veggie patch! I'm in Australia so it is still quite hot at the moment so not outside too much but we have zucchini, silver beet, chilli, spring onion and chives growing at the moment! I made zucchini pancakes for the kids school lunches last night with our very own zucchinis very proud moment on their faces when we harvested them and then got to taste test!
  11. Hi everyone, so the midodrine is a no go for me and after seeing my specialist and waiting for a drug to be government approved which is four weeks away! I have been told to take sudafed PE? Has anyone else had any experience with sudafed PE? This new med I am waiting for was used for migraines but didn't catch the name but it starts with droxy something or other?
  12. Thank you for all the encouragement and support from everyone, I am going back to see the specialist tomorrow and hopefully try something else as the midodrine really wasn't good for me I didn't mind the tingling and goosebumps but the rash, shortness of breath and irritability was horrible I didn't feel like myself and it lowered my blood pressure instead of making it higher so it must just be my silly body reacting to it! I don't know what will be the next course of meds? What did other people progress to after midodrine? The florinef makes no difference to me I don't have any side effects but it doesn't really do anything to help me.
  13. Thanks Kalamazoo and Macca, its getting really hard for me at the moment I'm about to lose my job because of this stupid illness and possibly my partner. We have been through a lot in our relationship and this has sort of sent us over the edge and trying to look after my 10 year old on a daily basis when I am having a bad week is so hard because I can get so cranky and all I want to do is be back to normal and kick around a footy with him or play cricket with him and at the moment just playing a card game and getting him ready for school is exhausting at the moment I really hate myself and the life I am living and the life I missed out that I should have lived while I had the chance!
  14. Thanks Kim,dancer65 and yogini! I was up from 12:00am with shortness of breath until about 4:00am which was then followed by a cold sweat either going to vomit or faint tachycardia and then felt so shaky and horrible! So by then time it got to 5:45am when my partners alarm goes off I was awake and a mess! My mum took me to ER and they contacted my specialist who said not to keep me in hospital it would make me worst? (Maybe the laying in a hospital bed) and so I was there checked over and sent on my way! I am so over feeling this crap but I did get another appointment with my specialist as soon as next week so that's a bonus! Try and take something positive from this experience! So to reply I don't think I will try midodrine again it didn't make me feel better I was out of it for the four days I had it and I never break out in hives or any rashes ever and it made me so irritable and angry at everyone and everything! Not one that works for me!
  15. Thank for the kind words Kim and Sarah! I haven't had a tilt table test I had the poor mans test done throughout hospital for 5 days consistently. So I haven't had any blood tests like that done? Other than my electrolytes because I am on florinef and I am on the maximum amount. I can handle that med it only gave me side effects for the first dose so I'm glad for that but nothing is doing much for me bp. I went to ER to get checked yesterday for my reaction because I didn't want it to become worst during the night and the doc there even had to look up midodrine and he said I am one of the lucky 1 in 5 people that get the rare side effects! Lucky me! Lol! And then he sent me home! So I am still feeling pretty crappy both physically and emotionally I am worn out so is my partner and mum and son. I need something to help otherwise I am going to lose my job and possibly my partner as this has been a very hard adjustment for us. Is there any home remedies that have worked for people I am willing to try anything and everything at this point!