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  1. No need to apologize. Many of us have probably been there. I know I have. If you stop checking your pulse, how do you feel? If you feel something that is that concerning, maybe take a trip to the er? If anything let them know you need help. There are ppl out there to help.
  2. I'm surprised they didn't say anything about your blood pressure! Mine wasn't happy when it was 140 over something. Have you seen any specialists? Have they caught any symptoms happening while in the office visit? It's a long hard road for diagnosis, unfortunately. I almost passed out in the hospital lobby before they took me seriously!
  3. On the weak pulse, mine does that from time to time. It's a nervous habit for me to constantly check it and I'll notice right when I stand up that sometimes I can hardly feel it. It's hard to believe the doctors and nurses when you feel like your body is failing you. I know it. And sometimes our mind is our worst enemy. Hang in there, deep breaths. Easier said than done but it does get better. I do know that much.
  4. I get the forceful heart beats Almost every time I lie down. It was actually one of my first Pots symptoms. Yet my heart is 100% a OK they tell me but I would mention and get it checked out to be sure, but more than likely its just a pots thing.
  5. So I always used to picture insomnia as being wide awake staring at the walls all night, yet that's not the way I really experience it. It's more like my body will go back and forth between being drowsy, that first stage of sleep where you are unaware of everything yet aren't in a deep sleep, then being awake over and over until after about 2 am. Then I'll go into a deeper sleep for a few hours. Almost like my body won't let go all the way. It tries but fails. Anyone else experience this?
  6. Why do we all have such a hard time with it?. Its like I'll feel tired and get into a twilight type sleep but wake up in an hour or so and then I'm panicked and wide eyed all night long. Is it part of dysautonomia? Because its horrendous. I was always an awesome sleeper as long as I was at home in my bed. Sleep was like my getaway. To have that taken away has been very hard to handle. I'm taking trazadone and just started a new antidepressant and I have ativan that I take after my long bouts of no sleep. Hopefully I can get it regulated. I've kinda developed a sleep phobia too, lol! Good to know I'm not alone though, even though I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
  7. So I can't sleep again. Not a wink last night, as hard as I tried. Going on more than 24 hrs of no sleep and my mental and physical health is sure suffering. I had this last summer, got better, now creeping back the past month. Does anyone else have insomnia this bad? I can't tell if its from pots, depression, anxiety, all three. I know autonomic dysfunction causes sleep problems, but the thought that it's from pots and that something is wrong with my brain that it won't shut off is causing crazy anxiety. Sigh. Hoping this too shall pass soon.
  8. Yes, I experience weak legs too sometimes. It was worse when I was on gabapentin, so sometimes it could be a med side effect. Sorry you are in the hospital but glad they are helping you. Hope you feel better soon!
  9. I have a lot of sleep issues and naps make me more symptomatic upon wakening so I try to avoid them. Everyone is different, though. I noticed that sometimes you have to experiment and see what works for you.
  10. @negiduck, yes,I have had a sleep study. Nothing abnormal was found. Sometimes I wish they'd find something! Lol. @TCP, yes, exactly. It happens when I'm dreaming too. Like I woke up from a nightmare but they are just normal dreams.
  11. Thank you. I think I will ask my Dr about clonodine. I am on propranolol and ya, doesn't do anything for sleep. Only thing that knocks me out are Benzos and I don't want to keep taking those.
  12. Does anyone else ever suddenly wake up at night with a panic? My heart isn't racing but it feels like a whole load of adrenaline just gets dumped in my system and wakes me up. I am having the hardest time trying to find something to help me sleep! It's like my sleeping part of my brain is broken.
  13. Thank you @Katybug and @Jessica.
  14. I've officially had POTS for a year. Developed during my second pregnancy. Once I learned what POTS was, I think I had signs of it as a teen and then after my first pregnancy, that eventually went away. This time is the worst by far.
  15. @Jessica they are very disturbing. Mine calmed down a bit but are still there. Ugh. The fear of wondering if and when it will get worse is the worst!