Tilt Table Test Concern - Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Let me start by saying I originally thought I had POTS because my heart rate generally goes 30 or more bpm higher when going from laying down to standing.  Well, I had the test today and it's weird - I wasn't symptomatic in any way and even with the adrenaline shot not much happened. the problem was I was anxious so my lying down heart rate was around 100. usually it's 70 so I was very nervous. standing it was around 115. my blood pressure didn't change much. But based on my symptoms that I told him about my cardiologist thinks it's orthostatic hypotension. But the strange thing is when I'm at home and my heart rate is high (the other day standing it was 160!) my blood pressure is STILL normal. so I'm having a hard time feeling like the diagnosis was accurate given that I wasn't symptomatic and he didn't see anything. It was a guess diagnosis really. I'm feeling frustrated.  Anyone else have a similar experience?  Should I try to take the test again some time?  

Oh, also, if it is the orthostatic hypotension (which I wonder if it is...) is that technically a type of dysautonomia?

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I have not had similar experience, I haven't had tilt table test yet.  I've done poor man's tilt (lying down to standing up) at home and wearing heart rate monitor so I have some data.  I was at doctor appointment to get referral for tilt table test and I was so concerned about getting blown off that my sitting HR I the doctor office was 80!  (Normally 55-60!).  And something different was going on, blood was pooling but warm and red skin verus my usual pale purple and I felt not right, but in a different way than my usual symptoms.  That's unsettling to me when the symptoms I observe and carefully track over weeks don't match the symptoms I have in the doctor office!

I've only fainted once and I am unreasonably afraid of fainting on TTT, that is, being alone and vulnerable in medical institution because I've had experiences of medical treatment without consent.  I am worried it might skew results like you experienced.  I'm practicing my relaxation and CBT skills. I am going to try to have my husband come with for the tilt table test, I think I'll feel more calm with him there.

I'm sorry you've had this experience.  The only thing I can think of is to collect data at home, practice meditation and relaxation, and try the test again?

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